OperationsAnalysisOperations Analysis is a functional department within the Division of Administrative and Financial Services that works to enhance and improve the business processes of the university by taking a holistic view at how the university does business. Through business process reengineering, change management and leveraging technology we develop solutions to increase efficiency of business processes; achieve cost savings; measure performance; and develop a continuous process improvement plan for new and existing solutions. We are also the administrators of Perceptive Content, the university's workflow and document management system.


To develop and implement a business process reengineering initiative that will encompass strategic planning, project management and technology for creating effective and efficient solutions to improve business processes throughout the university's administrative units, departments, schools and colleges.


To provide innovative solutions for improving business processes throughout the university's administrative units, departments, schools and colleges.


  • Measure performance of reengineered processes utilizing key performance indicator (KPI) to evaluate success
  • Engage in continuous process improvements for existing solutions, increasing productivity and decreasing processing time
  • Expand Perceptive Content to improve administrative processes by:
    • Leveraging workflow for digital approvals
    • Providing access for departments, schools and colleges
    • Providing document retrieval and reporting analytics

Current students and graduates of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University work for Operations Analysis, where they are growing into great leaders and even better programmers and analysts. This department seeks to be one of their many positive influences that engage their sharp minds while improving their alma mater. Here they receive opportunities to effectively use their degrees daily while learning topics that can cause them to be even greater impact players for FAMU and beyond.

We provide the following services:

  • Electronic Form Design, Development, Implementation and Troubleshooting
    • specifications gathering, execution and creation of customized electronic forms that can be accessed via the World Wide Web for use by a department, school or university at large
    • electronic forms accept data electronically and are automatically submitted into ImageNow for processing. Electronic forms can also be integrated to push data into PeopleSoft based on the needs of the solution
  • Fujitsu Scanner (also called “ImageNow Scanners”) and Multi-function Device Setup and Troubleshooting
    • original installation and configuring of scanners to work with ImageNow based on end-user’s solution
    • serve as the first line of support if there are any challenges experienced with devices in their interaction with ImageNow.
    • answer general questions on functionality and offer advice when necessary
  • ImageNow Client Installations and Troubleshooting
    • install the desktop client application unto end-users’ computers (excluding Mac operating systems).
    • serve as the first line of support if users are unable to log in or use the system as intended.
  • ImageNow Training
    • work with new and existing users to get them trained to use ImageNow efficiently
    • provide training material for areas that are using the system
  • ImageNow Workflow Setup and Troubleshooting
    • work with new customers who express a need to have ImageNow set up in their area
    • address their questions and concerns about the process and guide them throughout the process
  • WebNow Link Setup and Troubleshooting
    • help users (usually those using a Mac) setup WebNow, the web version of ImageNow, so that they can process documents.
    • With the WebNow link, users are able to log into ImageNow with their iRattler credentials (without the @famu.edu in the username) and access the same database of files that users using the ImageNow desktop client are using.
    • The only drawback to using WebNow is that users will not be able to use “Capture Profiles” or scan documents into the system using WebNow.
  • Reporting
    • Generate reports on how end-users use the system. For example, reports can be generated on the length of time documents take to be processed by individuals, end-users’ use of the system and that data can then be used to determine bottlenecks within areas that currently use ImageNow.
  • Business Process Re-engineering
    • perform one-on-one consultation with colleges, schools and departments to determine the best technologies, if any, can be used to streamline their processes



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