1. Please note that you may want to create a folder called "img" to house all of your photos so that they may be stored in one place on the CMS

    1. Click on the parent folder where you want your "img" folder to be located

    2. Click on "Add Content" and then "Folder"

    3. Complete the fields "Folder Name" (which is the file name for the folder), Title (which is the name to be displayed in navigation), and do not "Display in Left Navigation"

    4. The "img" folder is now present and will not be displayed in your navigation

  2. The acceptable formats for photos are jpeg, gif, and png. With a size of no more than 540 pixels in width

  3. To Add/Remove photos you must first click on "Edit"

  4. Click on the "Insert/Edit" button

  5. Click on the "Choose File" button

  6. Once the "Choose a file" option appears on the screen, click on "Recent", "Browse" or "Upload"

    1. "Recent" - For the most recent photos that you have been using in the CMS

    2. "Browse" - To look for photos in different folders in the CMS

    3. "Upload" - To upload photos that are located on your computer

  7. After you have decided the method by which you have chosen your photo and the photo you desire, click on "Choose"

  8. Complete the field marked "Image Description"

  9. Click on "Ok" to finalize the process of adding a photo to a page

  10. Click on "Save & Preview", "Submit", and "Publish"

  11. To remove a photo from a page:

    1. Be sure that you are in "Edit" mode

    2. Click on the photo that you wish to remove

    3. Press delete on the keyboard

    4. Click on Save and "Preview", "Submit", and "Publish"



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