1. Select the folder or page where you want the external link to be added by clicking on the right of the folder name or on the desired page

  2. Click on the "Add Content" button

  3. Click on "External Link"

  4. On the next page complete the fields "Link Name", "Title" (and determine if you want the External Link to Display in Left Navigation), and "Link" (Which is the address of the actual link. Please Note that either "http://" or "https://" must be included in the link's name e.g.: http://google.com)

    CMS External Link 3
  5. Click on "Save & Preview"

    CMS External Link 4
  6. Click on Submit

    CMS External Link 5
  7. If you are a Content Manager uncheck "Use a Workflow" and then click on "Submit"

    CMS External Link 6

Remove External Links

  1. To remove an external link, go to where the link is located

  2. Right click on the desired link to remove and click delete

    CMS External Link 7
  3. You can also delete an external link by click on the folder where the link is housed

  4. Selecting the link to be removed

  5. Click on the "Delete" button (garbage can)

    CMS External Link 8



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