Step 1

Select "Manage Content" on the Home page

Step 2

The displayed page is ready for you to create a new document, but you can also create a new document by clicking on the "Create Document" button.


Please complete the following fields: 

  1. Link Label - This will be the name of your web page and should be easy to understand by your audience. Avoid "wordy" or long link labels.

  2. Start Publishing - This is the date that the web page and content will be publicly visible on the website.

  3. Stop Publishing - This is the date that the web page and content will no longer be publically visibile. If you are unsure of your stop publishing date, set it to be very far into the future.

  4. Content - Do not copy text from Microsoft Word & paste directly into the CMS. Please see Troubleshooting for more information. 

  5. Save - Please save often as the CMS will log out often.

  6. Publish - This makes your web page visible in the "Manage Navigation" section of the CMS and on the website.  

Save & Publish your content frequently.



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