If you are creating a web page using content that you already have developed in Microsoft Word, PLEASE DO NOT copy the information and paste it into the CMS!

Copying and pasting directly from Microsoft Word will yield mixed results, most of which are unfavorable. When you copy from Microsoft word, you don't only copy the text, but you copy all of the code that is associated with the text styles, colors, formatting, and a lot of other things. So when you paste it into the CMS, it conflicts with the formatting that's already established to govern the design of the web site.

Please consider using the following alternatives:

PC Users: WordPad
WordPad is, by default, present on every computer running a Microsoft operating system and is free. You can open it by navigating to:
Start > All Programs > Accessories > WordPad

Macintosh Users: Text Edit
Text Edit is the default text editor on Apple Macintosh computers. You can get to it by: Open a Finder Window > Applications > Text Edit

If you open your Word Document in either of these programs, and then copy and paste from there, you will only copy the text, and not all of the formatting. The results are nice and clean without any problems.

If you have already copied content from Microsoft Word and your page is too wide, looks odd with different colors, or will not publish, you may need to delete everything from the page, and start over.



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