The great news is that your ImageNow and iRattler credentials are the same. When you update your iRattler credentials, that information is automatically updated in ImageNow and you can use those new credentials immediately. Please note that if the wrong information is entered into the ImageNow log-in screen, the following error message will appear: “The system cannot establish a connection. Re-enter User name and/or Password.”

howto imagenow 1                    

Step 1 Double Click on shortcut to start ImageNow

On your computer’s desktop you will find the above ImageNow icon. Double click on that image to launch ImageNow’s login window.

howto imagenow 2

Step 2 Ensure that you are logging into the ImageNow Production environment.

This can be verified by confirming that you see the word “Production” twice on the ImageNow login window as circled in red above.

Step 3 Enter your FAMU iRattler username and password, then Click “Connect”

Enter your iRattler username (without the and password in space as seen in the image above.





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