FAMUGuest Configuration Instructions

FAMUGuest provides unencrypted wireless access for University Guests and Visitors. You are required to enter your name, phone number and agree to the terms and conditions. The system then sends you credentials via text to your phone. The credentials are valid for 72 hours.

1. Right-click on the lower right hand corner of the screen to open the Wireless Network Connection Screen.


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2. Select “FAMUGuest” and click Connect.

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3. A limited connection is now established.

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4. Open a web browser (internet explorer, google chrome, firefox, etc.), and a login page will appear. Select “Don’t have an account” to create a FAMUGuest account.

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5. Please enter required information to create your FAMUGuest account. Then click “Register”.


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6. Select “Text Me” to receive your account information.

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7. Check smart phone text messages for your account information.

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8. Use your account information from text message, to “Sign On” FAMUGuest Network.

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9. Accept User Policy

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10. Select Continue

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11. Congratulation you’re now connected to FAMU Guest Network.


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12. You can now browse the internet.

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