Through Outlook Web App (OWA), Office 365 offers the capability to remotely wipe data from a device that is synced to your account in case it is lost or stolen.
Important: Only mobile phones/tablets (Android/iPhone/iPad/Windows Mobile/Windows Phone/Palm devices) that have a connection to Office 365 via Exchange/ActiveSync can be remotely wiped.

This means:

  • Laptops/desktops cannot be remotely wiped.
  • Phones/tablets using OWA or a client configured for POP/IMAP cannot be remotely wiped (unless they also have an account configured via Exchange/ActiveSync).
  • Only Mobile devices, when configured for your Office 365 account via Exchange/ActiveSync protocol, can be remotely wiped.

Remote Wipe Policy:

  1. An Office 365 account holder can initiate a self-service remote wipe. For instructions see steps below or the following link  
    1. To remotely wipe a device by using Outlook Web App, follow these steps.
      1. Sign in to the Office 365 portal (
      2. Click Mail.
      3. Click Settings, and then click Options.
      4. In the left navigation pane, click Phone.
      5. Select the device that you want to wipe.
      6. Click Wipe Device, and then click Yes when you're prompted.
      7. When the wipe operation is completed, you should remove the device completely. To do this, click Delete, and then click Yes when you're prompted.
      8. If the account holder needs assistance, students may contact the ITS Help Desk. Faculty and staff can contact their local IT staff or the ITS Help Desk.
      9. ITS Help Desk can assist the account holder by guiding them through the self-service process.
      10. ITS Help Desk cannot initiate a remote wipe.
  2. In extraordinary cases, a member of the system administrators at ITS will initiate a remote wipe under the following conditions:
    1. For a university-owned device, the remote wipe must be authorized by the Dean or Director of the employing unit, or that unit’s HR department.
    2. For a non-university-owned device, the remote wipe must be authorized by the Dean or Director of the employing unit in consultation with the Chief of the FAMU Police Department or the Provost.
    3. If ownership of the device is uncertain, it must be treated as a non-university-owned device.



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