FAMUSecure Configuration Instructions for Windows 7 Computer

FAMU Secure is a new wireless network that operates on the FAMU newly installed 10 GBb network backbone providing increased speed and reliability for network users. FAMU Secure uses WPA2-Enterprise that is considered the gold standard for wireless network security, delivering over-the-air encryption and a high level of security. FAMU Secure also utilizes SecureW2, a Wireless Security Device Management System to helps solve the common pains of deploying and managing our WPA2-Enterprise, making life as easy as possible for your users and our IT staff.

How to Connect to FAMUSecure Wireless Network on Windows 7 Computer

1. Right-click on the lower right hand corner of the screen to open the Wireless Network Connection Screen.

 howto famsecure windows image1

2. Select “FAMUGuest” and click Connect.

howto famsecure windows image2

3. A limited connection is now established.

howto famsecure windows image3

4. Open a web browser (internet explorer, google chrome, firefox, etc.), and a login page will appear.

howto famsecure windows image4

5. iRattler account users will enter their username and password, and select “Sign On”

howto famsecure windows image5

6. Accept User Policy

howto famsecure windows image7

7. Select Continue

howto famsecure windows image7

8. Congratulation you’re now connected to FAMU Guest Network.

howto famsecure windows image8

Note: Some users may need to exit and re-enter there web browser to gain internet access. Restarting your computer maybe necessary to establish and internet connection.

9. Click on the below link to start XpressConnect. Or copy and paste into a web browser the following: http://connect.famu.edu/

10. Click “I Accept of the terms of the End-User License Agreement” and Next click “Start”

howto famsecure windows image9

11. Click “Run”

howto famsecure windows image10


12. Click on the above bubble and select “Install This Add-on for All User on This Computer”

howto famsecure windows image11

13. Select FAMUSecure and press “Continue”

howto famsecure windows image12

14. Now “XpressConnect has been loaded.”

howto famsecure windows image13

15. Enter iRattler “Username” and “Password”

howto famsecure windows image14

16. Now successfully connected to FAMUSecure.

howto famsecure windows image15

Note Click link in the bubble below, to bring up authentication page if additional information is needed.

howto famsecure windows image16

17. Select “Work network”

howto famsecure windows image17

18. Congratulation you’re now connected to FAMUSecure Network.

howto famsecure windows image18

19. You can now browse the internet.

howto famsecure windows image19





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