The following are solutions to common issues that may arise. Please direct any other questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


General Troubleshooting

Problem: The CMS isn't working in my web browser.

Solution: Be sure that you are using either Internet Explorer/Edge or Firefox when accessing the CMS. Google Chrome, Safari, and other browsers will not work.


Problem: I cannot login to the CMS.

Solution: Your FAMU credentials will not work & you'll need further authorization to access the CMS. Please refer to the Getting a CMS Account page for more information.



Manage Content Module

Problem: I clicked on publish, but the indicator just keeps spinning and nothing is happening (it's been over 2 minutes).

Solution: Something has gotten frozen in the publishing process and it's stuck. We apologize, but your most recent changes may be lost if you haven't been publishing or saving throughout the process. You will need to refresh your browser and open the page again.


Problem: I am unable to view my uploaded file in the CMS server.

Solution: Be sure that the desired file name doesn't contain any special characters. If it does, please rename the file & reupload to the server. 


Problem: My web page has disappeared on my site!

Solution: Check the "Stop Publishing Date" on your content. This date represents the date your content will no longer be visible on the website. 


Problem: When I paste text into the CMS content, it displays in different fonts and isn't uniform with the rest of my site.

Solution: Never copy text from Microsoft Word or other sources and paste it into the CMS. The auto-formatting in MS Word will cause issues within your site. Please visit the Microsoft Word Alteratives page for other options.


Problem: I can't put my image in the content.  OR   My images are uploading too slow on the FAMU website.

Solution: Your image may be too large. Click here for a tutorial on resizing your images in Microsoft Paint.


Manage Navigation Module

Problem: My Sub-menu groups, external links, and/or navigation has disappeared on my site!


  1. You may need to clear your web browser cache. Clearing your web browser cache and then logging in again will allow you to see the most recent version of the navigation. DO NOT save the navigation in this state as you will erase the actual links that are there.
  2. If it's a sub navigation or external link, be sure to check the "End-Publishing Date" and see if it's expired. If it's expired, you just need to set it sometime in the very distant future, remove the link that's in the navigation, and drag the updated link back over to the navigation and save it again.

Problem: My newly-created content page isn't displaying in the "Manage Navigation" menu under "Web Pages", but I can see it in the "Manage Content" menu under "Edit Documents".


  1. Make sure that you click "Publish" after creating the new content
  2. Check your "Stop Publishing Date" and make sure it is far into the future




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